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Cruising Resources offers businesses the opportunity to deliver advertisements to consumers at a time when consumers are actually looking for your solutions. With over 40,000 hits a week we have a large and growing audience of active boaters, cruisers, and sailors. CR delivers diverse content that is focused on every aspect of the boating experience. We can place your aid in exactly the area where our content matches your product or on a more general page where it will get more views.

We have just completed a complete overhaul of the site to provide an even better experience for our users and a better platform to highlight your products.

We will constantly develop new content to help boaters realize their dreams and to keep the site fresh and relevant.

As the owner of Cruising Resources I hope to personally meet you at the boat shows where we will be exhibiting.

We welcome your feedback and your questions. To get in touch with us, please click here .

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