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We at cruising resources are working to create the ultimate resource for anyone interested in going cruising. This site is solely focused on helping the future cruiser to realize their dream and the current cruiser the tools to make their adventure easier and safer. We hope to provide this by providing you with what you need to know to achieve you dream. We will give you links to thousands of articles that can help you decide on a boat, equipment you would need, or what it will be like to go cruising. We will help you by providing a boat lookup and a boats for sale section where you can list your boat or browse for you next yacht. We have listed over 1,000 marinas just in the US with gps locations and an arial photo to help get in and out. There is a place where you can ask us questions and get answers. There is an area where you can save all your information so that you can reference it quickly whenever you visit. You can find downloads of useful information like free charts, guides, pilots, and sailing calculators.

Welcome to Cruising Resources. We hope that you will find this to be your go to site for all your cruising needs. You can help by sending us updated information on places where you are the expert. We will be updating information continuously so if you find where we are in error please let us know. If there is information that you think would be helpful to this community please tell us. We want to be continually improving so that you will have the information you need for a safe and enjoyable adventure!!

This is just the beginning. There will be so much more to come. If you have visited Cruising Resources in the past then you know this is a complete rewrite of this popular site. As I say this is just the beginning. Look for us to continually add more information to our databank for your use. The number of marinas we have located is large but far from complete so look for a continuous flow of more information on the marinas that we have and more listing of marinas we don’t have. You can help by sending us any information on the areas where you sail. We can then provide others with helpful information on area where you are the expert and visa versa for when you are in an unfamiliar spot. The hope is that you will get involved in this community of adventures. It is an amazing life that offers so much in the way of excitement and camaraderie. Help us to make this site your site and your time on the water safe and amazing.

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Forty years ago we developed our thirst for sailing. Thirty years ago we began quenching our thirst a little at a time by purchasing a 25’ Catalina and then a 28.5 Hunter which we sailed in the lakes close to our home. Then we discovered the magic of Caribbean sailing. We sold our boat and spent the next 20 years bare boating in the USVI and BVI’s. In 2006 we purchased a Westsail 32 and sailed 10000 miles from Seattle to Ecuador through the Panama Canal and on to Florida via Columbia, Honduras, Belize and the Yucatan. After arriving in Florida we returned to the Virgin Islands as Captain and Chef on a sailing yacht where we spent 4 years providing clients with a vacation custom built to their dreams. We became the most successful crewed monohull in the fleet. In 2013 we sailed the Greek Islands with friends we made while training them to sail. Now, family needs have required that we leave the water for now so based on our experience and our passion for the water and sailing we have decided to provide the ultimate guide for the boating enthusiast. We want to pass our expertise on to people like you wanting to experience the joy of cruising for themselves.

During our quest of sailing until 2006 we were successful management and business owners. Bob (prior to Captain Bob) was a Vice President and COO of several manufacturing companies. Debbie owned a successful mortgage company. Our professional experience and expertise will help us to build the kind of resource that will be invaluable to anyone interested in getting away from the dock. We look forward to working with you in the future to achieve your dreams